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ROYAL JELLY | Youthful Skin

Ancient Health Tonic for Youthful Skin, Great Health and Vitality

Our natural Royal Jelly product was created entirely by Honey Bees, harvested in a way that does not alter the pure ingredients. 

This product is made in a unique way providing an organic royal jelly combined with a raw, unfiltered, unheated liquid honey sealed in a glass vial and kept very cold from the hive ready for you to consume. You add a little water before consuming, which provides you with the most biologically available form of royal jelly in its most pure form for the maximum benefits.

Royal Jelly  is also free of GMO’s, alcohol, chemical preservatives, fillers, or excipients of any kind. Our Royal Jelly is just as the bees created it to be fed to the Queen Bee as an organic food for long life, great health, and stamina!

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      • Collagen production support for beautiful skin
      • Acetylcholine support for increased brain function
      • Boost Immune system and allergy relief support
      • Beneficial probiotic support
      • Help regulate blood pressure
      • Shown to have an ability to inhibit bisphenol A, also known as BPA
      • Help eliminate free radicals that normally cause premature aging
      • Help balance cholesterol, improve liver function, and promote healthy digestion
      • Assist in weight loss
      • Royal Jelly and Natural Raw Honey

      As a general guide, drink one vial per day by adding water, warm in hands/pocket shake and drink.


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