Nutrition Formula Labs -- now Life Wellness Labs - was founded by nutrition scientist John Robbins and medicinal researcher Bill Bohrk. Life Wellness is one of the very few companies that manufactures supplements it distributes.

From our manufacturing facility we produce 100% pure, additive-free supplements, which are:

      • all natural and organic,
      • nutrients made by nature,
      • optimally dosing for maximum results,
      • do not have preservatives, synthetic chemicals, synthetic fillers, trans fats 
      • no magnesium stearate,
      • no GMO ingredients
      • or any products nor by-products that do not resonate with the body

        All our products are not only natural, but also science-based, so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of ingredients.

        We are highly committed to bringing you uncompromising quality, service and ethical standards as we would like to make you feel confident that your purchase will provide the greatest benefits for you and for our planet.


        Meet the Founders:


        John is a Nutrition Scientist, a certified nutritional therapist (CNT) with a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry. He is also an expert on Electromagnetic Frequency technology and testing.   After having many health challenges as a child, going from doctor to doctor with limited resolution to his symptoms, he spent years trying to find ways to get and stay healthy. This has turned into a quest and into a deep passion to not only help himself but others as well.

        Treating a symptom without considering the holistic effect can lead to frustrations, incorrect diagnostics, and poor long-term results. With his in-depth scientific knowledge about the quality of ingredients and the correlating nutrients, John is now able to optimally dose supplements that resonate with our bodies by using the best nutrients and ingredients this Earth has to offer.

        BILL BOHRK

        Bill is co-founder, medicinal researcher and entrepreneur with a BS Degree from California State University.He enjoys over 25 years of business experience in project management, finance, marketing and real-estate. After being successful in all his business ventures, he decided to turn his attention to helping humanity. As a philanthropist, he is involved with foundations, which give funds and grants to finding best solutions in the medical and scientific fields. He, too, has a passion for understanding that the body, mind and soul need to be taken care of to sustain optimal living.

        What is the Nutrition Formula Difference?

        Our products are food extracts optimally dosed for maximum results.  Our bodies are designed to accept nutrients that can be easily broken down into their “end chain” elements allowing good absorption and accepted into the body at the appropriate time.

        We let nature determine nutrient mixtures and scientifically create the various ingredients to allow a proper balance without including chemicals such as magnesium stearate which is considered a “trans fat” and up to 65% nutrient absorption inhibitor. On those rare instances when a filler is required to balance the nutrients in a particular capsule size, we use real fresh, natural raw coconut granules that have that contain all their natural ingredients.

        How do we manufacture?

        We do not use any chemical activators that are synthetics nor anything that is not made by nature which are typically rejected by the body known as “side effects.” 

        We manufacture to a very high standard that requires resonance testing as well as laboratory validation.