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HEMPMINT | Pain Relief

HEMPMINT - Pain Relief

HempMint is a time released oral adhesive disc that adheres to your gum, slowly dissolving over a 2-4-hour period (depending on saliva flow), delivering hemp directly into the bloodstream via oral tissue.

Using a  Nanopar process, this patent-pending proprietary process allows for the highest level of bio-absorption, bypassing the digestive system. 

This is a great benefit since more than 75% of hemp, consumed by mouth, will pass through the digestive system and not be absorbed.  Being that HempMint is attached to your gums, it can even be used while sleeping!!

Because Hemp in granular, powder and crystal form has low bio-absorption, it must first be Nanopar processed.  By using this patent-pending method, the nano-particles in the disc go directly through the mouth tissue and into the bloodstream. 

The user will begin to see the effects anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  Other products, such as edibles, liquids and capsules, can take from 1-3 hours before receiving any benefit, and you must use a higher dosage than our product due to the degregation in the digestive system and liver.

HempMint uses a patented dimple design and food grade adhesive allowing the mint disc to adhere to your gum.  The effects can last 2-4 hours while sleeping, when saliva flow is at its slowest, giving you maximum absorption into the bloodstream.

When used awake, the effects will last from 1-2 hours before fully dissolving.  The slower the disc dissolves, the longer the duration of hemp going into your system.

Our discs are made from the best all-natural, lab-tested, organic hemp.  Each disc is made from 99%+ pure organic isolate. 

There is NO THC and is devoid of any psychoactive ingredients.

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    HempMints utilizes a patented direct delivery method, bypassing the digestive system, for maximum absorption of hemp nano-particles.

    • Nano-Particles in the disc go directly through the mouth tissue and into the bloodstream
    • Time-release technology
    • May be used during sleep
    • Up to 5x faster absorption into blood stream than capsules or liquids


    • Hempseed (15ml per tablet), other Ingredients: Cellulose gum, Xylitol, Acacia gum, calcium carbonate and mint

    Put 1-2 HempMints on either side of upper gum, dimple side of mint placed against gum. Once in place, do not move around. Mints are time-released and will fully dissolve in 1-3 hours depending on saliva flow.


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