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DIGEST CORE ESSENTIALS | Best Digest Support Kit

Best 3 Nutrients for your Digestive System

When we eat, our digestive system absorbs nutrients from the food we eat. In order to do so, it needs to break it down into smaller nutrient pieces - amino acids (from proteins), simple sugars  (from carbohydrates) and fatty acids and cholesterol (from fats) as well as vitamins.

Therefore, digestive enzymes play a huge role in our bodies. They aid in turning complex foods into smaller compounds, into more easily absorbed particles so the body can actually use to survive and thrive.

Digestive enzymes are split into three classes: proteolytic enzymes that are needed to digest protein, lipase are needed to digest fat and amylase help to digest carbohydrates.

OUR CORE ESSENTIAL Super Digest Optimal Nutrient Trio:

This bundle contains our most popular and effective digestive aids, and includes the following products:

  • Digest: Resonant compatible, proteolytic, pancreatic enzymes to support healthy digestion.  To be taken before meals.
  • Betaine HCL: Helps support normal digestion of proteins. To be taken right after a meal.
  • Intestinal Detox:support detoxification through the removal of anti-nutrients and toxins in the foods you eat using the chemical process of absorption. 

With our Super Digest Optimal Nutrient Trio you SAVE 30%!

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