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Probiotic Fermented Vitamin B Complex

Dynamic liver, brain, immune system, adrenal glands, cardiovascular system, mood balance and energy level support.

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  • B-vitamins are made in the gut by friendly bacteria and one of the main users of these bacteria besides the gut is the liver to support a healthy, robust liver function.
  • Max B-NDTM is a nutritional industry first - with never before available probiotic-fermented B vitamins. This product contains a high-energy B vitamin complex that delivers premier nutritional support. Each 1/2 tsp. supplies high energy vitamin B forms including B5 as pantothenic acid, vitamin B2 in the riboflavin-5-phosphate form and more. 
  • This B vitamin-rich formula offers advanced support for the liver, the immune system, adrenal glands, mood balance and energy levels.
  • ND Technology™ (Novel Micro-cultured Delivery) This premier quality formula is fermented using a unique probiotic culture which allows rapid oral delivery with superior bioenergetic properties.
  • Vitamin B Complex of the highest grade


Mix up to a half a teaspoon of drops into a glass of water and drink in the morning. Start off with 10 drops and then increase if necessary. Refrigerate after opening the bottle.


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